What is the ICMC Affiliate Program?

This ICMC Affiliate Progam is an arrangement where approved affiliate partners are paid a commission on ICMC membership, ticket, and product sales.

How does the program work?

Once approved, the Affiliate Partner will be given access to a dashboard. From this dashboard, they will be provided a special link to share. When someone uses that link to make a purchase, the Affiliate Partner will get credit for that sale and receive their commission.

Also if an affiliate has a website or blog they can add their domain to their dashboard. Any links coming to the ICMC Website from that domain will be recognized and the Affiliate Partner will get credit for that sale.

Commision Rates




Tickets and Courses


Conference Sponsors


Lifetime Follow on Purchases**

* Initial 40% with a 5% recurring for the lifetime of the membership.
**All customers brought in by Affiliate will receive a 5% commission on all future purchases from that customer. Non-Member customers that become an ICMC Pro member will generate a 5% initial commission and 5% recurring for the affiliate.


Payouts will be sent to the Affiliate Partner at the end of each month for the previous month’s sales. For example, payments sent on July 31st will be for sales generated for the month of August.

Payments will be sent via check or direct deposit/bank transfer.

How to Become an Affiliate Partner

Becoming an affiliate is a simple 3 step Process:


Step 1:

Complete the registration form and agree to the affiliate program terms.*


Step 2:

We will review your request and notify you of our decision.


Step 3:

Once approved login to the site and you will now see a new Affiliate Dashboard Link in the top menu bar.


*Step 1 requires that you are at least a registered user and able to login.

Please login to see the form or click the register link to create a user account and return to this page to complete the affiliate partner form.