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Course Description

Principles of Simulation Exercises is a one-day training course that covers the fundamentals of the exercise program, characteristics of simulation exercises, and provides a framework on how to develop, deliver, and evaluate simulation exercises.

Upon completion of the training you will know:

  • The fundamentals of an effective exercise program
  • The difference between the types of exercises
  • How to develop exercise objectives
  • How to create a scenario based on exercise objectives
  • How to prepare the rest of the exercise (logistics and scheduling)
  • How to facilitate an exercise
  • How to evaluate an exercise
  • The importance of post-exercise activities (lessons-to-be-learned)


In addition to the training, you will receive an exercise planning workbook that will help you effectively develop and deliver exercises for your organization.

Training Outline

Training Block 1

Training block 1 will cover the components of creating, delivering and evaluating an exercise program, and customized simulation exercises.

The Exercise Program

  • Fundamentals
    • Characteristics of Effective Programs
    • Exercise Types
  • Objectives and Criteria
  • Scenario Development
    • The Storyline
    • What’s a MSEL?
    • Exercise Flow
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Game Day!
  • The Hot Wash
  • Evaluating the Exercise

Training Block 2

During the second block, our crisis simulation exercise specialists will guide you in hands-on creation of and planning and developing an exercise for a fictional company.

Having access to a laptop for the training is not essential but would help with certain aspects of the afternoon part of the day.