Navigating Regional Conflicts: A Geopolitical Tabletop Exercise for Employee Safety and Business Resilience


June 28th 12:00- 1:00 PM

The rapid escalation of regional conflicts can pose significant challenges for organizations operating in affected areas, particularly when it comes to ensuring the safety of national and expatriate employees, maintaining client relationships, and upholding supply chain, business continuity, and recovery. This interactive webinar presents a comprehensive geopolitical tabletop exercise that simulates a regional conflict between two countries, with one exhibiting a dominant position. 



Session Objective: The main objective of this webinar is to share our tabletop exercise design and delivery expertise as it relates to a geopolitical crisis.  


Participants will engage in a series of scenarios that require strategic decision-making and crisis management skills to address employee life safety concerns, including the evacuation of national and expatriate employees. The exercise also highlights the importance of maintaining client relationships, emphasizing communication strategies and supply chain and contingency planning in times of conflict. 

Throughout the session, attendees will explore practical measures to ensure business continuity and recovery, including supply chain management, remote work arrangements, and cyber security. By the end of the webinar, participants will have gained valuable insights and best practices to effectively navigate the complex challenges posed by regional conflicts, helping their organizations maintain resilience and protect their most valuable assets – their people. 

Presented By:

Host: Rob Burton
Guest: Meredith Wilson

Meredith Wilson is the Founder and CEO of Emergent Risk International, LLC

ERI empowers companies to address the impact of global risk on their business through intelligence, staffing, consulting, training, and software as a service (SAAS) data and analytics. The company has more than 65 employees in Austin, Washington DC, Greater Boston, San Francisco, London, Dublin, Singapore, Portugal, Switzerland and Uruguay.  

Ms. Wilson has over 20 years of experience in international environments, the energy sector, Fortune 500 corporations and the US intelligence community. In the US government she served as a Defense Intelligence Officer in the Pentagon and overseas. In 2007, she moved to the energy sector, an early innovators of private sector intelligence analysis. At ConocoPhillips she created the company’s first, dedicated geo-political and security focused risk intelligence function building risk assessments for market entry into countries like Iraq and palying a key role in evacuations and market-re-entry during the Arab Spring. At COP she also worked in maritime regulatory affairs. Ms. Wilson went on to create a political risk department for Dallas-based Kosmos Energy where she developed and oversaw cross-functional new market entry risk assessments, before founding ERI in 2014. Since its founding, Ms.Wilson has overseen its growth as a self-funded company from less than $100,000 annual revenue in 2014 to $5.6 million in 2022. Ms. Wilson was a founding member of the Private Sector Intelligence Council (PSIC) and is a Founding Board Member of the Association of International Risk and Intelligence Professionals (AIRIP) which has grown to over 500 members since its founding in 2015. She previously served on the Business Intelligence Advisory Council for the National Intelligence Officer for Science and Technology (ODNI) and on the advisory board for the Dallas Global Chamber. She speaks Indonesian and Malay and has lived and worked in England, Ireland, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Australia. She is an alumni of the University of Arizona, the University of Malaya (Malaysia), and Northwestern Kellogg School of Business. She is passionate about job creation, entrepreneurship, inclusion and helping younger generations develop business and professional skills that will serve them throughout their lives. She currently lives near Boston with her two children, husband and three four-legged co-workers. 

Event Details

Date: June 28, 2023

Start time: 12:00 EDT

End time: 13:00 EDT