Northeastern Cyber Storm – A Cyber-Security Crisis Management Tabletop Exercise Walkthrough


April 05, 2023 1:00 PM EST

The main objective of this webinar is to share our tabletop exercise design and delivery expertise as it relates to cyber-security.  



Presented By:

Rob Burton: Managing Director – ICMC and PreparedEx
Chris Hurst: VP Global Technology Solutions – Onsolve

This webinar will define a cyber-attack and discuss the response to, management of, and recovery from such an attack. We will walk through each step with resources available to our fictitious healthcare provider – from identifying and mitigating the attack to rebuilding reputation, restoring data and protecting against future threats. With a special focus on the coordination and communications between crisis and incident response teams, how to create an effective incident response plan and the value of having the cyber-security team work closely with critical stakeholders.  

This webinar will be broken up into three main sections:  

  1. The first section will focus on the identification and mitigation of a cyber-attack. We’ll discuss how to properly identify an attack, including common signs and indicators of malicious activity, as well as the steps to be taken to mitigate any immediate risks.  
  2. The second section will focus on managing and responding to a cyber-attack. Here, we’ll discuss the importance of having an incident response plan and team in place, as well as best practices for communication before, during and after an attack. We’ll also explore the value of having a crisis management in place to help manage communications and reputation.  
  3. The third section we’ll look at remediation planning methods for creating an improved incident response plan and the importance of communication in times of crisis.  

At the end of this webinar, we will review the topics that were discussed, provide guidance on creating effective cyber-security tabletop exercises and leave time for questions. We hope you walk away from this session with a better understanding of cyber-security and how to best respond and manage a cyber-attack. Thank you. 

Event Details

Date: April 05, 2023

Start time: 13:00 EDT

End time: 14:00 EDT