The Big Shake: Tabletop Exercise Planning for Earthquakes


The main objective of this webinar is to share our tabletop exercise design and delivery expertise as it relates to earthquake tabletop exercises. 



Natural disasters like earthquakes are unpredictable and can lead to devastating consequences for communities. Preparedness is key to minimizing risks and ensuring rapid recovery. One of the most impactful methods to prepare an organization or community is through tabletop exercises that simulate earthquake scenarios. This webinar aims to provide emergency planners, first responders, and community leaders with comprehensive insights into designing and running tabletop exercises for earthquake preparedness. 


  1. Understand the critical elements of earthquake preparedness planning. 
  2. Learn the essential components of designing a tabletop exercise, from scenario development to role assignment. 
  3. Acquire practical skills to facilitate an effective tabletop exercise, ensuring active participation and objective-driven outcomes. 
  4. Analyze case studies showcasing successful implementations and common pitfalls to avoid. 

Key Takeaways: 

By the end of this webinar, attendees will have the knowledge and tools to design and execute their own tabletop exercises, allowing them to better prepare for earthquakes by identifying vulnerabilities, coordinating resources, and optimizing response strategies. 

Join us for an enlightening session that combines expert opinion, interactive discussions, and real-world applications to empower you to make informed decisions in earthquake preparedness planning. 

Presenters: Robert Burton and Austin Cruz 

Event Details

Date: September 27, 2023

Start time: 12:00 EDT

End time: 13:00 EDT