Lessons learned from 2017: Mexico´s Earthquake and the Caribbean Hurricanes Season Impact on Business

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Presented By: Antonio Bellorin

Antonio has spent a very successful career at Reckitt Benckiser for one year and previously at Mead Johnson Nutrition for four years as Regional Head of Corporate Security for Latin America. Antonio developed as well a fruitful career at British American Tobacco in Venezuela and Mexico for twelve years through different positions up to Country Head of Corporate Security. Before that, Antonio served several field and administrative positions in the Venezuelan Air Force, where he led the Bureau of Special Investigations, Chief of Intelligence of the Venezuelan Air Force Base Headquarters, Air Police Squadron Commander and Air Operations Officer.
Antonio is a Certified Crisis Management Professional (AMBCI), Business Continuity Institute. He earned a BS degree in Science and Military Arts, in the Venezuelan Air Force Academy, a Master’s degree in Criminology, at the Jose Maria Vargas University in Venezuela. He also has received several business and special investigation studies in top US Universities.


This Webinar covers:

  1. Mexico´s Earthquake Overview
  2. Earthquake Disaster Response and Business Continuity Lessons learned
  3. 2017 Caribbean Hurricanes Season Overview
  4. Hurricane Disaster Response and impact on businesses Lessons learned



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