When Good Security Tech ‘Breaks Bad’

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Dan Gortze


You have spent significant financial and human resources to configure and protect your network and digital assets, purchased several new security tools and software, and now you’re wondering if those technologies will be able to protect your organization against potential cyber intrusions. Daniel Gortze, Delivery Manager for the SecureWorks Incident Response & Forensics Consulting Team, will examine real-life scenarios in which security technologies failed, and even worst cases where threat actors used an organizations’ own security technologies against them. Dan will not focus on the pros and cons of particular technologies, but rather examine the need for proper security architecture and the residual risk posed by the required pervasive visibility of many security technologies. He will also share experience and insights from the field. Key Topics Covered Include: • Examples of Threat Actor Abuse of Security Technology in real-world Incidents • Anti-Virus Abuse • Exploiting Whitelisting Misconfiguration • The Human Weak link • Lessons learned and actionable insights



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