Understanding Cyber Threats: Lessons for the Boardroom

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Francesca Spidalieri


Cyber risk is an underrated but all too real threat to organizations of every size, industry, and sector. From the boardroom to the server room, employees and board members must view cybersecurity as an enterprise-wide risk issue and play an active role in the overall security posture of an organization operating in the digital age.

Senior leaders can no longer treat cybersecurity as an isolated ‘IT problem’ best left to their IT department and must instead consider it one of the most important aspects of managing their organization, with duties and responsibilities extending through every level of the workforce. This requires them to have a deep understanding of the cyber context in which they operate, the ability to make informed decisions based on cyber risk metrics, the determination to integrate cybersecurity into the overall business process, and the willingness to ask tough questions when necessary.

This webinar will provide an overview of existing frameworks, toolkits, and other resources that senior leaders can consult to stay informed about cyber threats, develop and update comprehensive cyber risk management strategies, and learn about some of the best practices and effective mechanisms deployed in the field to combat cyber threats. The material presented is based on a newly released White Paper titled, “Understanding Cyber Threats: Lessons from the Boardroom,” part of the ongoing Cyber Leadership Project at the Pell Center and follows previous reports that investigate critical issues in cyber leadership development across the United States.


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