Principles of Crisis Management

Course Description

Principles of Crisis Management will cover the characteristics of a crisis, and a framework to manage the life cycle of a crisis from horizon scanning for potential issues, through closure and remediating gaps or Lessons “to be” Learned. Upon completion of this course you will know:


  • Difference between an issue and a crisis
  • What is “Horizon Scanning” and when should it occur?
  • How do I prepare my organization for a crisis?
  • What are the components for an effective crisis response?
  • What’s recovery?
  • How do we Improve?

This course can be offered as a custom training session for your organization. Please Contact us for details.

Training Outline

Training Block 1

The morning session will cover the components of developing, implementing and managing a crisis management program. Interwoven into the principles, will be examples and videos demonstrating the good, the bad, and the ugly.


  • Introduction to Crisis Management
    • What is a crisis?
    • How do you know when it’s a crisis?
  • Crisis Management Program
    • Establishing a Policy
    • Framework
    • The Plan
  • Before, During and After: Holistic Crisis Management
    • Anticipate and Assess
    • Prepare
    • Respond
    • Recover
    • Review and Learn

Training Block 2

The afternoon session will be a FUN case study during which we will practice the Before, During and After phases of a crisis. Due to training attendees coming from different business sectors, we use a generic business (a circus) to facilitate walking you through the crisis management process. Each attendee will role play a member of the crisis management team for the simulated travelling circus business. You will get an opportunity to walk through each of the crisis phases and use some of the most important tools that help to efficiently manage a crisis.

Training Schedule

In-Person Training

For Training taking place in person the schedule is as follows:

  • Morning Session – Training Block 1
  • Lunch Break
  • Afternoon Session – Training Block 2
Virtual/Online Training

For Training taking place online via Zoom or other video conferencing software the schedule is as follows:

  • Day 1 – Training Block 1
  • Day 2 – Training Block 2


Robert Burton
Managing Director

Rob is a Principal at The International Crisis Management Conference and PreparedEx where he manages a team of crisis preparedness professionals and has over 30 years of experience preparing for and responding to crises. Part of his leadership role includes assisting clients in designing, implementing and evaluating crisis, emergency, security and business continuity management programs. Rob has facilitated hundreds of training courses and simulation exercises throughout his military and civilian careers. During his career Rob has worked for the US State Department’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program, as a crisis management consultant in Pakistan and Afghanistan where he negotiated with the UN and Pashtun tribal warlords and he served with the United Kingdom Special Forces where he operated internationally under hazardous covert and confidential conditions. Rob was also part of a disciplined and prestigious unit The Grenadier Guards where he served Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the Royal Palaces in London. Rob was a highly trained and experienced infantryman serving in Desert Storm and commanded covert operational teams and was a sniper. Rob has keynoted disaster recovery conferences and participated in live debates on FOX News regarding complex security requirements and terrorism. Rob has a Queen’s Commendation for Bravery.

Upcoming Dates for this Course

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This course can be offered as a custom training session for your organization. Please Contact us for details.