Team Membership

$99.00 per member / year

Sign up your team to become ICMC Professional Members.

If you would like to occupy one of the seats for your team, check “Take up a seat” in the form below. If you are just purchasing memberships on behalf of your organization or are already a professional member, you do not need to select this option. If you are unsure you can always assign yourself a seat later.


Number of Seats:


Team Memberships allow a single person to purchase memberships for a group of people. Team members get all the same benefits that an individual membership receives.

The system allows you to purchase a block of memberships and assign them to individuals as you see fit. You can also remove a person as a member if they move on from your organization and reassign that seat to their replacement. You also have the ability to expand your membership pool.

The membership pool is managed by you in the Teams management dashboard. You can manage the team yourself or delegate that to another member of the team.

You also have the option of taking one of the membership slots or not.