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Webinar Video Clip: Mastering Crisis Management Through Strategic Intel

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this free webinar! During the webinar, Rob Burton, Meredith Wilson and Dorothea Gioe discussed strategies for effective intelligence monitoring to assess and prepare for crisis scenarios – and support rapid decision-making...

ICMC 2024: Speaker Spotlight – Melody Wen

On day-one of the 9th Annual International Crisis Management Conference, Melody Wen, Business Resilience & Crisis Management, Aerospace Manufacturing Company, will present: Ok Doomer – The Crisis Fatigue. In her session, Melody will focus on Doomism and leveraging...

Why Flight Attendants Make Exceptional Crisis Coordinators

In the complex world of crisis management, the skills required to coordinate and execute plans effectively are often found in the most unexpected places. Among those potentially overlooked for their crisis coordination aptitude are flight attendants. Known primarily...

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April 26, 2022 - May 28, 2024

Join Rob, other ICMC (International Crisis Management Conference) members and guests from on the last Tuesday of every month* for Tea and Chaos with Rob. *check schedule for times and any changes to the schedule.  

Registering for this webinar automatically registers you for all remaining dates in the entire series. 


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