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ICMC 2024: Speaker Spotlight – Eslam Eldakrory

On day-one of the 9th Annual International Crisis Management Conference, Eslam Eldakrory, Crisis Management and Business Continuity Management Expert, will present: Fundamentals of a successful tabletop exercises: The key 5 steps for a well-planned tabletop Exercise....

Your Guide to Leading During Crises 

In the eye of a storm, the steadiness of the ship largely depends on the captain's resolve. The same holds during organizational crises: the effectiveness of leadership can make or break the outcome. As we navigate through the unpredictable waters of the 9th Annual...

ICMC 2024: Speaker Spotlight – Heather Engel

On day-one of the 9th Annual International Crisis Management Conference, Heather Engel, Managing Partner, Strategic Cyber Partners , will present: Navigating Ransomware: Challenges and Incident Response Strategies. In this session, Heather will discuss the following...

Upcoming Events and Training

Tea and Chaos Webinar Series

April 26, 2022 - May 28, 2024

Join Rob, other ICMC (International Crisis Management Conference) members and guests from on the last Tuesday of every month* for Tea and Chaos with Rob. *check schedule for times and any changes to the schedule.  

Registering for this webinar automatically registers you for all remaining dates in the entire series. 


Mastering Crisis Management Through Strategic Intel

April 23, 2024

In this webinar on using intelligence to better manage crisis, participants will discuss strategies for effective intelligence monitoring to assess and prepare for crisis scenarios – and support rapid decision-making during the actual event. While tactical real-time information is always needed, strategic intelligence inputs and planning ahead of can be the difference between safe and secure personnel and operations or a physical security, legal and reputation disaster. 


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June 05, 2024 - June 06, 2024


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