Crisis Communications – An Interview with Jo Detavernier

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Presented By:

Jo Detavernier


The pressure that can build quickly during unfolding situations requires a coordinated communication response to all your stakeholders, especially the critical ones. Communicating to your audiences takes time and focus, both of which are very difficult during these events. In this Q&A style webinar, Rob Burton ICMC’s Managing Director interviews Jo Detavernier about his experiences with supporting businesses during these stressful times. 

We will be asking Jo to cover the following topics:
• Crisis communication planning (plan development) 
• Crisis communication training (educating the comms team on the plan)
• Stockholder communications (who are your stakeholders, and do you have good relationships with them?)
• Social media before, during and after the crisis 
• Exercise your team and the plan 
• Post event (or exercise) learnings 



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