Cyber Crisis Preparedness – Are You Ready?

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Presented By:

Mark Hoffman, MBCI, CMCP – Anesis Consulting Group, Inc.

Senior Crisis Management and Business Continuity Consultant
Cybersecurity Response and Crisis Communications Experience in Leadership

Proven track record in developing and implementing crisis management,
business continuity and cybersecurity response protocols and establishing
mature business continuity programs and effective governance models.
20 Years of Experience


Most Fortune 500 companies have well defined cyber response plans that detail how they will prepare, respond, manage and recover from cyber-breach crises. Smaller organizations and even local government agencies are also vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Take the story of Atlanta for instance. Last year the city was held to ransom for $51,000 in Bitcoin. It brought the city to its knees and had many government departments resorting to pen and paper. Is your business or government agency ready for this type of attack?

In this webinar, Mark Hoffman will take us through the following:
– Baseline assumptions
– Cyber trends
– Assess maturity and address gaps
– Leverage your existing Crisis Management Team
– Define your positions on key decisions
– Develop a response plan
– Exercise, exercise, exercise


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