Deliberate De-escalation

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Presented By:

Tyrone Campbell – Executive Director, Callbox Training


Deliberate De-escalation is a training dedicated to the practice of effectively and safely diffusing tense, non-immediate action events.

We do that by focusing on the use of communication skills, thorough assessments, and strategies that reduce the chances of force being used unnecessarily.

The basis of our platform starts from the premise of Non-escalation and ensuring that we do not unnecessarily cause a situation to escalate.

From there we move to form our ability to recognize aggression by measuring changes from our baseline establishing, point of contact.

We then empower proven, real-world, precision-guided, persuasion techniques directly aimed at producing behavioral change.

This training, and the mindset of de-escalation, is directly focused on the safety of the people you encounter, and the safety of your personnel.


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