Event Security 2.0: A force multiplier for ensuring fan safety, business continuity & resiliency

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Presented By:

James DeMeo, Founder, President & CEO at USESC: Unified Sports & Entertainment Security Consulting LLC


Managing the constant ebb and flow for today’s special events requires a proactive risk mitigation security mindset. The multiple challenges, which include active shooter, workplace violence, errant drones, inclement/severe weather, terrorism-domestic, international, lone wolf, I/T data-personal information breach, are ever present within the event security vertical. The goal of this webinar is to present an overview of the current challenges facing the multi-billion dollar juggernaut sports and entertainment industry.

The goals and objectives are as follows:

  1. Discussion of physical security, target hardening, access control, screening measures within the space.
  2. Responsible social media monitoring-sharing real-time intelligence, information gathering along with fusion centers-JTTF and government resources.
  3. The intrinsic value of conducting research and implementing effective changes based upon this knowledge, education, and training.
  4. The potential financial costs an organization may face post incident with respect to inherent lawsuits and duty of care responsibilities for safeguarding events.
  5. (5) Takeaways which will assist Industry leaders moving forward from such recent tragedies as the Las Vegas massacre and the Parkland-Florida school shooting.


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