Panel Discussion

Crisis Leadership Lessons from the Chilean Mine Rescue

On August 5, 2010, thousands of tons of rock fell blocking tunnels and access to 33 miners that were feared dead. The San Jose copper and gold mine in Chile was now in emergency response and crisis management mode. Trapped miners are always headline news and this event was no different.

  • Did they survive?
  • How did the leaders manage the incident both above and underground?
  • What are some of the key leadership lessons that we can take away from this rescue?

These questions and many more will be answered by a panel of crisis management experts who have analyzed this event. The panel will discuss some of their key findings from the review of the mine disaster that was streamed live across the world. They will highlight some of the common challenges that leaders face during high-pressure situations where critical thinking, leadership and decision-making are essential.

Meet the Panelists


Mike Lawrence – Chief Reputation Officer, Cone Communications

As a reporter and television anchorman for more than 25 years, Mike Lawrence spent much of his time asking tough questions and holding companies and governments accountable. For the past 20 years, he’s helped clients address the perceptions and expectations of customers, employees, media and other key constituents. Mike founded Cone’s Corporate Responsibility discipline, and also provides leadership on crisis preparedness and management. Mike has five Emmy awards and numerous other journalism honors under his belt, as well as two national crisis management awards. Mike’s work has covered diverse situations from product safety to environmental hazards to labor relations confrontations to workplace crime. Mike is a member of the Board of Directors of Editorial Projects in Education, Inc. (publisher of Education Week), and is a former local union president.


Daniel Linskey – Managing Director, Boston Office Head, Investigations and Disputes, Kroll

Daniel Linskey is a Managing Director in Kroll’s Investigations and Disputes practice, and is head of the Boston office. As the former Superintendent-in-Chief of the Boston Police Department (BPD) and a 27-year veteran of the force, Dan provided strong leadership through some of the most tragic and contentious events in the city’s history, including the Boston Marathon bombings and the Occupy Movement. Dan serves clients in diverse industries with uncommon experience in investigations, crisis response, and risk management, as well as personal, physical, and operational security strategies. Widely respected for his knowledge of the complexities inherent in law enforcement and homeland security, Dan has also consulted with numerous national and international government agencies on a broad range of challenges, including large-scale event management, crisis leadership, and preparedness and community engagement strategies.


Leanne Metz – Associate Director, Mead Johnson Nutrition

Leanne is an experienced business continuity and project management professional. She has developed and implemented global programs in the areas of business continuity, continuous improvement, and change management. Most recently she has been leading Mead Johnson Nutrition’s global business continuity program, conducting training and exercises throughout Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America.

Areas of expertise include business continuity, project management, Lean Six Sigma, innovation and cross-functional team leadership. Leanne was named “North America Business Continuity Newcomer of the Year” by the Business Continuity Institute in 2014. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Member of the Business Continuity Institute (MBCI).

Leanne serves on the Board of Directors, and the Crisis Committee of Albion Fellows Bacon Center, a non-profit organization whose mission is to prevent domestic and sexual violence and to empower victims through advocacy, education, support services and collaborative partnerships.