Join us for our refreshing and insightful webinar series, “Tea and Chaos,” where the blend of calm and turmoil meets in a unique dialogue. In this first season session, we delve into the unpredictable world of international relations, crisis management, and strategic communication through the experienced lens of Sally Branson Dalwood, Managing Director of The Sally Branson Consulting Group (SBCG).

With her extensive background in diplomacy, military, government, and corporate sectors, Sally brings over twenty years of experience to this discussion. She has been at the forefront of advising senior Australian politicians and US Joint Chiefs of Staff members and managing public affairs programs of significant geopolitical importance. In this webinar, Sally will share her invaluable insights on managing high-stakes situations, offering both proactive and reactionary strategies to navigate through the chaotic and often unpredictable world of global affairs.

“Tea and Chaos” is more than just a webinar; it’s a rare opportunity to gain practical knowledge and understand the intricacies of international diplomacy and crisis management. Whether you’re a professional in the field, a student of international relations, or simply someone intrigued by the complexities of global dynamics, this webinar will provide you with a fresh perspective on maintaining composure and effectiveness amid chaos.

Grab your cup of tea and join us in this engaging session where calm meets chaos and learn how to steer through the turbulent waters of global affairs with expertise and poise. Register now to secure your spot in this enlightening journey with Sally Branson Dalwood.

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Sally Branson Dalwood – Managing Director, The Sally Branson Consulting Group SBCG

Sally Branson brings over twenty years of Diplomatic, Military, Government, Not-for-profit and Corporate experience to her business. Sally has advised the most senior Australian politicians, both Australian and American senior military officials – including members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (USA). She advised the Australian Government Cabinet and Ministry when she was Senior Press Secretary to an Australian Prime Minister.

Sally has planned and managed public affairs programmes of significant scale, risk and geopolitical importance. As Director of Sally Branson Consulting, she offers both proactive and reactionary management strategies to clients. Her clients count on her candid, pragmatic advice, delivered in a thoughtful, considerate manner.

Sally specialises in reputation management and leadership planning and strategy. She has worked with high-profile individuals experiencing significant reputation damage. Sally provides strategic planning for individuals to manage and grow positive public profiles.