In this month’s webinar, Rob interviews crisis expert David Kalson, communications associate of PreparedEx and principal of Kalson Communications. The subject: self-inflicted crises. It’s one of the most damaging types of crises an organization can go through.  

And these internally created debacles happen all the time. Think of … 

  • VW’s dieselgate scandal, a company-wide criminal effort to trick the EPA’s and other governments’ regulatory emissions tests with so-called “defeat software,” designed to conceal the actual high rate of pollutants spewing from their diesel cars.  
  • Boeing’s repeated, tone-deaf responses after two deadly crashed of its 737 MAX aircraft. 
  • Bud light on the losing end of culture wars when its social media promotion featuring a trans woman put the brand in the crosshairs of many Bud light customers. 
  • Wells Fargo Bank stealing from 2 million of its own customers by creating fake accounts in their name in order to bleed them of transaction fees.  
  • Two employees at the NY Blood Center who put the entire organization in jeopardy when they criminally allowed potentially tainted blood to enter the blood supplies of five cities. 

The list goes on.  

Rob will discuss with David why so many organizations that proclaim their ethical, principled cultures on their websites, turn out to actually have corrupt cultures quite at odds with their public facing.   

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