Accounting for Your Employees During a Crisis is Essential – A Q&A with Martin Reed


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Presented By:

Robert Burton & Sean Smith


If you’ve seen a building on fire, or you or someone you know has been involved in an active shooter situation or another type of emergency, you’ll know how chaotic it is. One of the most important parts of any evacuation is accounting for your staff. If you can account for them quickly your life becomes a lot easier when the first responders start asking if anyone is unaccounted for. 

In this Q and A style webinar, we question our presenter on the importance of creating an evacuation plan and testing that plan regularly. 

Topics covered: 

  • Why you should have a system for accounting your staff, contractors and visitors 
  • A short story of why it’s important (This organization didn’t do it, and this is what happened)
  • The essentials of evacuation planning
  • What’s in an evacuation plan
  • How to test the plan including how often
  • Summary


About the guest:

Martin Reed – Founding Director, TagEvac  

After college Martin embarked on a short-lived but varied career in the Merchant Navy. He soon recognized that the management of systems, equipment, people and training were the bedrock to their self-contained fire-fighting capability. And indeed their survival. So began his passion for life and fire safety. 

Moving ashore Martin worked for a leading fire protection company maintaining fire-fighting and life safety equipment before founding his own business in 1988. The company initially focused on active fire safety; fire-fighting equipment and detection systems. However with an aim to provide a holistic service the business offered passive fire safety solutions to reinstate the compartmentalization of buildings. In 2006 the Fire Safety Order brought about fundamental changes to the responsibilities of Fire Safety in the UK. Now an established regional business the company looked to provide Fire Risk Assessments and advice on Emergency Planning. This was an area Martin wanted to explore further and in 2009 his existing business TagEvac was launched. 

“I was frustrated by the lack of information, products and training available. So I decided to do something about it. Making things as simple as possible so you don’t need to think in an Emergency” 

TagEvac now supplies their solutions in Europe and more recently in the US. Their clients include Coca-Cola, NBC Universal, Siemens, GE and VSP among many others. 


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