Is your culture contributing to Insider Threats?

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Paul Barker


You’ve invested in a threat management programme, embedded the software and run the usual awareness training, yet you’re still taking hits from insider threats. If this is you, then you aren’t alone. With recent data showing a 47% increase in the frequency and a 31% rise in the global cost of insider threats, it’s a significant vulnerability for most organisations.

This webinar with guest contributor, Paul Barker, will explore the types and impacts of insider threats and discuss organisational culture-based root causes and behaviours that explain why humans remain the weak link in the security defence. The session will conclude by offering some solutions that will not only improve resilience, but also bring a range of enterprise-wide benefits from productivity, employee engagement and compliance.

About the guest:

Paul Barker is a certified Operational Resilience and Risk Director with over 20 years of leadership experience across Capital Markets, Private Equity, Investment Banking, Asset Management and Treasury sectors.

Paul works with organisations to enhance their operational resilience, specializing in establishing and enhancing robust, risk-based frameworks in highly regulated, fast-paced organisations. I cover crisis response, continuity planning, risk and threat management, internal controls and cyber & information security.



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