Peer Support – Managing Trauma the TRiM Way

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Presented By:

Richard Dorney MBE, MStJ, MSc – Director, Strongmind Resiliency Training


Trauma Risk Management – TRiM is an evidence based, peer delivered, support system designed to improve the management of personnel exposed to traumatic events. Psychological debriefing techniques are now actively discouraged because they risk harm. TRiM was originally developed in the UK Armed Forces in the late 90s and has proved its worth after countless traumatic incidents, including high profile terrorist attacks. The system is now widely used by Law enforcement, first responders, healthcare professionals and many more. TRiM is highly flexible and effective tool. We know that after traumatic events most people dust themselves off and recover well. TRiM provides a unique risk assessment tool that helps to identify those personnel most at risk of going on to develop more serious mental health problems. TRiM is credible, effective and popular in fast moving robust organisations and has the rare distinction of having been subject to a credible randomised control trial. In this presentation Richard will provide an overview of the TRiM system and how it is used. 


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