Preparing Your Organization for the Media During a Crisis

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Robert Burton & Meredith Stone


Let’s face it, not everyone will be in the position that Tony Hayward (Former CEO of BP) found himself in when the Deepwater Horizon crisis happened in 2010. There have been hundreds of events since then that have required businesses to respond to media inquiries. Sometime the media might be at your door or part of a formalized media briefing, how do you handle it?

In this webinar, Meredith Stone a Media and Crisis Communications Leader at Georgia Power Company will provide some insights into how to prepare you and your organization for situations that would require your response to the media.

Maintaining transparency while controlling the message

  • Customers demand timely and accurate information during a major outage. Don’t let someone else tell your story.
  • Setting and managing expectations before and after a major event will mitigate fallout before it ends up on the news.
  • This workshop will discuss what should be included in a year-round messaging plan, how to cut through the noise to make sure your voice is heard after a major event, and how to become a trusted source of information for your customers.

Additional topics Covered in this Webinar:

  • The importance of preparing your organization before the crisis strikes
  • Who speaks for the company and why?
  • How to prepare the speakers and leaders
  • What is an ambush interview?
  • Practicing through tabletop and other exercises

About the guest:

Meredith Stone – Crisis Communications Specialist, Georgia Power Company

Meredith Stone is a crisis communication strategist and spokesperson for Georgia Power with more than 12 years of experience in media, emergency management and crisis planning. Stone began her career as a reporter at Savannah’s NBC affiliate, WSAV, where she covered a wide range of breaking news, including manmade and natural emergencies. In 2014, she became the public information officer and volunteer coordinator for Chatham Emergency Management Agency where she worked to advance the agency in preparedness, public outreach, emergency planning, and media relations. 

In her current role, Stone is the crisis communication lead for Georgia Power where she guides the company’s external emergency messaging and preparedness efforts and performs regular audits to identify communication planning gaps. Stone is also the communication liaison for Georgia Power’s Storm Center in Atlanta and works year-round to push emergency and storm preparedness campaigns in collaboration with local, state and federal partners. 



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