It was a gloomy December day in 2015 just before the holidays when we decided to move forward with the first International Crisis Management Conference. We had a team meeting to discuss the possibility of putting together the conference that would bring together experts that to discuss various current topics such as cyber-security, workplace violence and incident management. After several hours going through the pros and cons, as well as discussing the idea with clients and some associates, we decided to proceed with planning the conference and we are very pleased we did. Here’s four reasons the event was a great success.

  1. It brought together crisis management speakers from varying backgrounds and areas of expertise.
  1. Many of the presentations were focused on current threats such as cyber-security, workplace violence and insider threats.
  1. The feedback was very positive with several people asking about next year’s event. We are already planning it!
  1. A network of crisis management professionals has been created. We will be building a forum for everyone to communicate as this was a request from a number of the attendees.

Thank you to everyone involved in the event. See you next year.