Rob Burton will deliver this webinar and provide his personal insights into running practical crisis management tabletop exercises.  

In organizational preparedness, the effectiveness of tabletop exercises is paramount. However, many organizations face common pitfalls when it comes to conducting these exercises:  

  • Inadequate Scenario Development: Organizations often overlook comprehensive scenario analysis, missing valuable learning opportunities.  
  • Lack of Realism: Many tabletop exercises lack realism, hindering participants’ ability to apply their skills in real-world situations.  
  • Insufficient Facilitation: Ineffective facilitation during tabletop exercises can lead to missed learning objectives and outcomes.  

We excel in designing and facilitating tabletop exercises that address these challenges. Here’s why we stand out:  

  • 20 years of experience in crafting and conducting tabletop exercises.  
  • Recognized by Fortune 500 companies.  
  • Our facilitation approach is designed to be engaging and realistic. 

Are you ready to enhance your organization’s crisis preparedness by mastering tabletop exercises? 

Member Free Event – Feb 29th, 2024.