An effective crisis management training and exercise program will increase an organizations ability to identify threats prior to them becoming crises.


If these threats or issues are not pre-identified, and they turn into crises, a well-designed and executed crisis management training and exercise program should have provided relevant knowledge and skills that enables the crisis teams to manage those situations.

Join Robert Burton, Managing Director of PreparedEx and ICMC, for an in-depth discussion on successful crisis management training and exercise programs.

Key Discussion Areas:

1. Why Invest in a Crisis Management Training and Exercise Program?
2. Crisis Management Training – Content, Delivery, Improve and Repeat
3. What the Exercise Component Should Look Like
4. Types of Exercises and a 3 Year Approach
5. Connect to Related Programs (Business Continuity, Incident Management, Security etc.)
6. Validate Program Effectiveness
7. Think Ahead – Budget Planning

This Webinar will take place on Wednesday, September 6th at 1:00 PM.


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