Get to know ICMC 2019 speaker, Shaun Brown!

Shaun Brown is the Global Head of Incident Management for Information Systems at Bloomberg L.P.  He will be presenting, “Riding a Bicycle Whilst Managing Incidents,” at ICMC 2019 on May 1st.

We recently asked Shaun about incident management, simulation exercises and his favorite restaurant!

1. What is it about incident management that makes you the happiest? 

Learning from our mistakes. In today’s world, technology is enhancing at an extraordinary rate and that can result in disruption of services. Learning from the current disruptions and placing mitigation measures in place that are successful helps my team and I focus our time and energy on proactively identifying problems before they become ‘incidents’ and that brings a smile to my face.

2. Why are simulation exercises so important?

As a person who is not a fan of surprises, I enjoy simulations. Having simulation based exercises helps bring the visualizations and the ‘what could’ happen to the forefront of every participant’s mind so that he/she isn’t caught off guard when the real thing happens. A large portion of managing incidents is eliminating excess time and I believe practicing simulated exercises helps with this.

3. What’s your favorite NYC restaurant and why?

If I answered this question, I would bring a great distrust to NYC. I frequent the grab and goes for lunch, but I know NYC has more to offer that I can’t speak on since I commute and try to get home to my wife and little girl. However, around the Princeton NJ area, there is a wonderful Country-style French restaurant called Rat’s that I am very fond of. A great atmosphere with excellent service!


Shaun Brown is the Global Head of Incident Management for Information Systems at Bloomberg LP in New York City and an Officer in the United States Army. He has received multiple awards for leading and collaborating a multi-functional platoon with the Harris County Department of Engineers during Hurricane Harvey in 2017. When not working, Shaun enjoys spending time with his new baby girl, Eden, and his lovely wife Allie. Shaun is a true Texan, born and raised, and loves the movie Fletch.


This year’s conference will take place on April 30th through May 2nd in Newport, RI. There will be two days of training and one day of speaker presentations.

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