Thank you to everyone who joined us for our recent webinar: Kidnapping in Latin America: How to Handle the Crisis.

In this latest webinar, we were joined by Carlos Seoane, Director General, Seoane Consulting Group. During the presentation, Carlos discussed the stages of a kidnapping,  different types of crime, motives and crisis management first steps. He explained that for many decades kidnapping was mostly targeted in Latin America. Over the last 8-10 years however, cases have also started to become more random as well. Wrong place wrong time.

Carlos shared with us the stages a kidnapping goes through:

  • Selection Planning
  • Capture
  • Transfer to security house
  • Captivity
  • Negotiation
  • Agreement
  • Ransom deliver/pickup
  • Transfer/Victim release

For these types of crimes to be resolved successfully, they need to be handled through proper crisis management process.

When kidnapping affects corporate environment there are 3 scenarios to consider:

  1. Kidnapping and ransom not as a result of the job
  2. Kidnapping and ransom as a result of the job
  3. Kidnapping and ransom asking for ransom to the company


Check out the short clip of Carlos Seoane’s presentation:

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