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Even before the Pandemic communication and collaboration systems and platforms have become a hot topic in emergency and business resiliency circles. The use of mobile and desktop software solutions eliminates the need for always-on infrastructures of people and even the necessity of staffing and managing physical Emergency Operations Centers; something that is especially important for organizations not equipped or accustomed to doing that level of business continuity operations activity.

But the real payoff for collaboration tools is greater people simplicity and stakeholder efficiency. Sounds great! Except the collaboration space is crowded and complex. Each unique offering approaches functions differently, with varying methods for triggering, scaling, and event formatting.

In this webinar, Vince Davis, Certified Emergency Manager and Director of Disaster Services for Feeding America, discussed the platform selection process, why he selected a specific platform, and how his organization plans to use the system to improve emergency and crisis communication for the nation’s largest food bank network.

In this short clip, Vince discusses the five major challenges to efficient collaboration.

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