The 5th Annual International Crisis Management Conference attracts decision makers, industry executives and future industry leaders, providing an excellent marketing platform for your organization.

Conference attendees are in need of information, services, products and contacts, and as a conference sponsor, your organization will be a highly visible resource for potential customers. Below are five more reasons to consider for sponsoring ICMC 2020:

Stand Out From The Crowd In Crisis Management 

The International Crisis Management Conference (ICMC) attracts individuals that are active in crisis management and open to learning more. Companies mostly send decision-makers who are looking for new ways to improve their crisis management strategies, so standing out from the crowd gives you a significant advantage.  

Productive Networking 

ICMC sponsors receive presentation passes and have special recognition on their badge to help identify them. This allows for more time among the attendees to encourage open dialogue. Also, with the provided exhibit space, you have a static place where attendees know they can come and speak with you, where you can hold meetings and demonstrations, which makes finding new contacts much easier as they come to you.  

Showcase Your Products & Services 

Companies are always innovating, and so ICMC attendees may be familiar with you, but they may not know enough about your latest offerings. Sponsorship gives you an opportunity to reengage and reintroduce your latest products and services to your target crisis management audience. If you’re new to the crisis management marketplace, showcasing what you do at ICMC 2020 is an excellent way to grow marketshare.  

Solidify Your Commitment To Crisis Management 

ICMC conferences are made possible with the financial commitment of Sponsors and there’s an inherent respect from all attendees for those that commit funds to enable them to have a forum in which to do business. In turn, that commitment helps to solidify your company as a legitimate resource for crisis management solutions.  

Benefit From Pre & Post Conference Exposure 

Often an overlooked advantage of Sponsorships is the recognition and visibility your company receives before and after the event. ICMC 2020 sponsors are promoted on the website, on social media, during webinars, in newsletters, etc. Gold and Platinum sponsors receive a full year of promotions!

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