2020 Schedule

Speaker Lineup

ICMC has assembled another great lineup of speakers for the 5th Annual International Crisis Management Conference. This year we are virtual. All Sessions will be conducted using Zoom. 

As in past years, we are focused on providing attendees with a range of topics and perspectives from varying disciplines within the realm of crisis management. Whether you are part of a small to medium-sized organization or a large global operation ICMC strives to provide value to all that attend.

Day 1 – October 27, 2020

Cal Mathis

Chief Security Officer
S&P Global

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

Cal Mathis will discuss the progress of the Coronavirus Outbreak and the impact to S&P Global, examining significant developments including infection escalation rates & spread, elevated employee fears and restrictions placed on global business travel. The presentation will also cover initiatives developed to prioritize employee safety, and support business operations and continuity.

More About Cal

Cal Mathis is the Chief Security Officer for S&P Global. In this role, he is responsible for designing and driving the physical security program for the enterprise and overseeing all global security programs including crisis management, incident response, protective services, travel safety and security technology. He is also the coordinator of the Enterprise Crisis Management Team.​

​Prior to S&P Global, Cal was appointed by the Mayor to the position of Deputy Commissioner and Sheriff, City of New York. In this role he was responsible for leading an agency of 250 employees tasked with enforcement and emergency incident response functions. While in this position, he modernized the agency and oversaw the response and recovery efforts of the Office of the Sheriff after the attacks on the World Trade Center. Prior to this, Cal was a lieutenant commander with the NYPD Intelligence Division and responsible for leading protective programs for visiting dignitaries and conducting terrorism investigations.​

​In 2013, Cal was recognized as a Black Achiever in Industry by the Harlem YMCA for his operational leadership during the Hurricane Sandy disaster.​

​Cal is a member of the International Security Management Association (ISMA), Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) and the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS). He is also a volunteer coach with Get Out & Stay Out NYC, a non-profit organization that supports young men with criminal justice involvement. He holds Bachelors and Master’s degrees from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and has completed security executive leadership programs at Georgetown University and the Wharton School. ​

​S&P Global is the world’s leading ratings, index, data analytics and commodities company. It has offices in 37 countries and 22,000 employees.

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Risk Assessments: Not Every Tool is a Hammer

There are many risk assessment tools and methodologies that serve an organization’s critical decision-making processes.  A continuum of structured analytical methodologies exist from various professions for our consideration. From qualitative products (i.e. color-coded, risk value ranges) based on expert judgement to quantitative machine learning and AI-driven products, there are many options to choose.  How do you decide what approach or tool is best for your program and organization?  This presentation will offer an overview of the range of structured analytical risk assessment methodologies available and the importance of aligning your risk intelligence products with the organizational culture. 

More About Whit

Whit is a risk leader with over 20 years in various public, private and non-profit organizations. He has led the design and management of numerous risk programs, where he has had Board-level engagements in a number of those positions. His experience spans various industries and risk cultures including the U.S. Intelligence Community/Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Fortune 500, Aerospace/Defense, educational institutions and campuses (K-12 & University), medical research, healthcare, insurance and non-profit environments.

Whit’s private sector experiences include serving in VP, Director and Manager positions with Raytheon Missile Systems, Washington National Cathedral, Georgetown University, FM Global and Takeda. Whit has also maintained various consulting roles with Booz Allen, SAIC National Security Group and Eagle Security Group in Washington D.C. He is also active in several industry committees.

B.S. Occupational Safety & Health, Illinois State University

Graduate Certificate, Crisis & Emergency Management, The George Washington University

M.Sc. Systems Engineering (Focus in Crisis, Disaster & Risk Mgmt.), The George Washington University

M.A. Security Management, Webster University

M.A. Applied Intelligence Analysis & Data Sciences (Anticipated 2020), Mercyhurst University

Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Board Certified in Security Management

Certified Emergency Manager (CEM)

Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP)

Member of Business Continuity Institute (MBCI)

Whit Chaiyabhat

Head of Global Security Operations

Alissa Stuckey

Senior Director of Business Resilience – Senior Vice President
Santander Bank, N.A.

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Cyber Resilience – Baby On Board

When you hear the phrase “cyber attack” you immediately think about computers, technology and highly sophisticated hackers at the ready; plotting out their next attack. What you don’t think about it, all the ways in which you may need to conduct business while impaired by a cyber attack. Most business executives used to believe that cyber-attacks are an IT problem but that is not the case. The P&L belongs to the business, it’s their baby, so they need to be in control of protecting their baby from cyber attacks. Alissa will take us through, the journey it takes to get your baby on board!

More About Alissa

Alissa Stuckey is a Senior Director of Resilience at Santander, where she partners with Executives to help strengthen their corporate resilience capabilities through extensive preparedness, training and response programs. After spending 20+ years in the financial services industry covering off customer experience, risk management, compliance, business continuity cyber resilience and incident management, Alissa knows what keeps Executives awake at night and it’s not mastering the Resilience flavor of the week, rather, it’s how well you know your business’ needs in order to help properly prepare Resilience strategy. Alissa earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Providence College and her MBA at Johnson and Wales University. She is currently pursuing her DBA, is a member of the academic advisory council and is adjunct faculty at Johnson and Wales University. Alissa also maintains her Cyber Continuity for the Resilience Professional (CCRP) from the Disaster Recovery Institute International and Information Technology International Library (ITIL) from Axelos certifications.

Day 2 – October 28, 2020

Heather Engel

Managing Director and Cyber Strategist
Strategic Cyber Partners

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Showing Value in Incident Response Planning

Description: Studies show that many companies don’t have an incident response plan. Even if the plan exists, the IR process is often untested. With data breaches so widespread, why is this? It could be a lack of knowledge, lack of resources (including time and funding), or limited executive buy-in. In this presentation, Heather Engel discusses how to show value when conducting incident response planning and exercises, identifies concrete ways to use IRP to improve operations, and helps you garner support from leadership.

More About Heather

Heather Engel is a strategic advisor to government and industry clients specializing in executive support, risk management, cyber and business continuity planning, and security program development. She founded Strategic Cyber Partners in 2019 and is the Managing Partner.

She is a recognized expert in risk analysis and security frameworks including FedRAMP, NIST 800-53, FAR and DFARS cyber security requirements, U.S. Department of Defense instructions and guidelines, the New York State DFS Cybersecurity Framework, and PCI DSS. She is a frequent author and featured speaker.

Ms. Engel graduated from the Pennsylvania State University and earned a Master of Business Administration from Florida Institute of Technology. She holds numerous industry certifications including CISSP, CISM, and CISA. Prior to Strategic Cyber Partners, she worked as an advisor for DoD clients at Booz Allen Hamilton, General Dynamics, and a commercial cyber security firm. She is active in several community initiatives including the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative, ISC2 Safe and Secure Online, and Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS).

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

From Somalian Piracy to Trapped Miners: Communicating Effectively in Times of Crisis

Protecting a company’s reputation during a significant crisis is one of the most critical roles of a public relations executive. Rob Litt, Director of Corporate Communications at General Mills, will share his experiences leading global crisis communications response for companies in diverse industries including mining, consumer electronics, financial services and consumer packaged goods. In the digital age, crisis communications response is more critical than ever as a company or brand reputation can be severely impacted by a single tweet or Facebook post. Join Rob in a discussion on how managing reputation is critical in our ever increasing 24/7 news cycle.   

More About Rob

For more than 20 years, Rob Litt has lead corporate communications strategy for global companies in diverse industries including consumer packaged goods, mining, financial services and consumer electronics. In addition to managing through both corporate and industry crisis, Rob helped lead corporate preparedness training programs at facilities throughout Asia, South America, North America and Europe. And for more than 20 years, Rob has volunteered for the American Red Cross where he serves as a spokesperson in times of crisis including natural disasters such as the Southern California wildfires, floods in the Midwest and the I35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis. He is currently the Director of Corporate Communications at General Mills. Rob received his bachelor of science from the University of Kansas and his MBA from San Diego State University. In his spare time, he enjoys coaching his kids in youth athletics and loves to attend early morning CrossFit classes.

Rob Litt

Director of Corporate Communications
General Mills

Richard Dorney MBE, MStJ, MSc

Strongmind Resiliency Training

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Peer Support – Managing Trauma the TRiM Way

Trauma Risk Management – TRiM is an evidence based, peer delivered, support system designed to improve the management of personnel exposed to traumatic events. Psychological debriefing techniques are now actively discouraged because they risk harm. TRiM was originally developed in the UK Armed Forces in the late 90s and has proved its worth after countless traumatic incidents, including high profile terrorist attacks. The system is now widely used by Law enforcement, first responders, healthcare professionals and many more. TRiM is a highly flexible and effective tool. We know that after traumatic events most people dust themselves off and recover well. TRiM provides a unique risk assessment tool that helps to identify those personnel most at risk of going on to develop more serious mental health problems. TRiM is credible, effective and popular in fast moving robust organisations and has the rare distinction of having been subject to a credible randomised control trial. In this presentation Richard will provide an overview of the TRiM system and how it is used. 

More About Richard

Richard Dorney is the Director of Strongmind Resiliency training, a UK based company specialising in trauma management and resilience training. Richard served for 39 years in the British Army as an infantry soldier and officer, he retired from the Army in 2015 in the rank of Lt Colonel. His operational service saw him complete six tours in Northern Ireland, the liberation of Kuwait in 1991 and subsequent tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia. 

Richard established the British Army Trauma Risk Management -TRiM training team and was the Army’s non-clinical subject lead responsible for operational delivery of TRiM training. On leaving the Army he set up Strongmind and now works with a variety of organisations to improve personnel management in high stress environments and after critical events.  

He holds an MSc in war and psychiatry from King’s College London and a certificate in psychotraumatology from the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. Richard is the author of two successful books, was made MBE in 2008 and was admitted to the Order of St John of Jerusalem in 2011. In 2019 he was recognised with a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to Trauma management and resilience training 

Day 3 – October 29, 2020

Tyrone Campbell

Executive Director
Callbox Training

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Deliberate De-escalation

Deliberate De-escalation is a training dedicated to the practice of effectively and safely diffusing tense, non-immediate action events. 

We do that by focusing on the use of communication skills, thorough assessments and strategies that reduce the chances of force being used unnecessarily.   

The basis of our platform starts from the premise of Non-escalation, and ensuring that we do not unnecessarily cause a situation to escalate.  

From there we move to forming our ability to recognize aggression by measuring changes from our baseline establishing, point of contact. 

We then empower proven, real-world, precision guided, persuasion techniques directly aimed at producing behavioral change. 

This training, and the mindset of de-escalation, is directly focused on the safety of the people you encounter, and the safety of your personnel. 

More About Tyrone

Tyrone Campbell is a thirty year veteran of Law Enforcement with almost two decades of experience in Hostage Negotiation and Complex Investigations. 

In his past endeavors, Mr. Campbell has served as the Chairperson for the City of Denver’s De-Escalation Advisory Committee and a board member for the City of Denver’s Racial and Gender Disparity Committee.   

He has presented for, and served on, numerous panels for organizations such as, the National Association for Civilian Oversight in Law Enforcement, the Denver District Attorney’s Youth Advisory Committee, The Denver Chapter of the Colorado Latino Forum, and the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation. 

With a passion for teaching, a path of professional excellence, and a practice of managing difficult topics, Mr. Campbell accepted a full-time assignment dedicated to teaching.   

At present, in addition to managing Curriculum Development, planning and coordinating numerous Community Policing academies and serving as an instructor at two Colorado Law Enforcement Academies, Mr. Campbell sits as the Executive Director for CallBox Training, and provides training to both Law Enforcement and Corporate clientele. 

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Exercises - One Size Does Not Fit All

Case Study: How the Microsoft Enterprise Crisis Management Program addresses exercising different levels of the enterprise program.  This focused method addresses the role and focus each team brings to a crisis response. The session will cover the program framework, scope for various teams in within the framework, and how to target specific exercise methodology based on that view.  

More About Jennie

Jennie currently leads the Enterprise Crisis Management Program for Microsoft. Prior to Microsoft she led business continuity and crisis management programs for a number of Seattle-area companies, among them Premera Blue Cross, T-Mobile, and AT&T Wireless. Her teams responded effectively to some of the nation’s most extreme disaster events, including the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, Hurricane Katrina, and, most recently, the COVID-19 Pandemic.   

With over 25 years of experience in the fields of risk management, crisis management, and business resilience, Jennie continues to be an engaged member of the professional community. She served on the DRII Education Commission, where she participated in the Master Business Continuity Exam refresh, and during her time at Premera was an enthusiastic Snohomish County American Red Cross Board of Directors member championing the annual “Save a Life” Saturday event. Outside of work Jennie stays actively involved in local community causes. 

Jennie Clinton

Microsoft Enterprise Crisis Management Program

Mark Hoffman

Author, Speaker, MBCI, CBCP

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Including Business Continuity & Crisis Management in Cyber Attack Response

What can we learn from a mid-sized organization that had their entire suite of applications held ransom as the result of a cyber-attack?

With limited resources, no cyber-insurance and no ability to recover their systems, this organization did what they had to do: Pay the ransom. How would you have responded?  In this session, we will discuss steps you can take to mitigate the impact of a cyber-attack, and how to integrate BCP techniques into your cyber response protocol. 

More About Mark

Mark is an independent senior crisis management and business continuity consultant.  He is the founder and president of a boutique consulting firm that has been serving customers in North America, Europe, and the Caribbean for twenty years. Mark has successfully designed, deployed, and managed BCM and Crisis Management Programs for organizations in the financial, transportation, utility, insurance, risk management and real estate industries. Mark specializes in Program Development / Governance and Crisis / Cyber Management Planning. He is quick to build relationships and achieve results working collaboratively with business leaders and executives. Mark is a frequent contributor to blogs, podcasts, and webinars on the topic of crisis management, cyber response, and business continuity.

Mark is also the presenter of the ICMC course: Principles of Effective Cyber Response

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