ICMC Webinar Series

The International Crisis Management Conference provides a variety of events throughout the year. One such event is our monthly online seminar series which consists of 12 webinars on different preparedness topics from cyber security and storm readiness to geopolitical challenges or supply chain issues. Each month we have a different expert speaker provide insight into one specific topic like active shooter situations for example, they will share their knowledge with us so that together we can better prepare our organizations and communities for such incidents.

Upcoming Webinars

Tea and Chaos Webinar Series

April 26, 2022 - May 28, 2024

Join Rob, other ICMC (International Crisis Management Conference) members and guests from 12pm to 1pm on the last Tuesday of every month (unless otherwise noted in the "Webinar Schedule" Tab below) for Tea and Chaos with Rob.   

Registering for this webinar automatically registers you for all remaining dates in the entire series. 


The Big Shake: Tabletop Exercise Planning for Earthquakes

September 27, 2023

The main objective of this webinar is to share our tabletop exercise design and delivery expertise as it relates to earthquake tabletop exercises. 


Past Webinars

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