On day-one of the 9th Annual International Crisis Management Conference, Heather Engel, Managing Partner, Strategic Cyber Partners , will present: Navigating Ransomware: Challenges and Incident Response Strategies.

In this session, Heather will discuss the following key challenges of ransomware incidents:

  1. Sophisticated Threat Landscape: Ransomware variants are constantly evolving, making detection and prevention a formidable task. We’ll discuss strategies to stay ahead of threat actors.
  2. Balancing Payment Dilemmas: Organizations often grapple with the decision of whether to pay the ransom. We’ll explore the ethical, legal, and financial considerations involved.
  3. Coordination with Stakeholders: Effective incident response requires seamless collaboration among internal teams, external partners, and service providers. We’ll emphasize the importance of coordination.
  4. Testing and Preparedness: Many organizations underestimate the need for regular testing of incident response plans. We’ll address common pitfalls and stress the value of preparedness exercises.

In this short video, Heather discusses her background in crisis management and what else will be discussed in her presentation.

ICMC 2024 will be held live in Newport, RI on June 5-6, 2024. Click HERE to learn more about Heather and the rest of the 2024 Conference speakers and panelists.

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