Exercise Summer Meltdown – A Tabletop Exercise Workshop

Training Description

Exercise Summer Meltdown is an opportunity for you and other attendees to work together through two mini scenarios during an engaging and impactful four-hour workshop. Bring your team too!  

At the start of this interactive workshop, Rob and the ICMC facilitation team will provide an overview of the fundamentals of scenario planning and creating mini exercises for your organization. Then, all hell will breakout as players (you) are split into teams to work through two very different scenarios. Don’t worry, we direct proceedings throughout the session.  


Training Details

What are the benefits of experiencing these mini scenarios design by our sister company PreparedEx?  

  1. Experience High Quality Tabletop Exercise Scenarios  
  2. See How Crisis Teams Work Together Through Simulated Situations  
  3. Learn How to Deliver Best-in-Class Mini Tabletop Exercises  
  4. Work Closely with Likeminded Preparedness Professionals 


Who Should Attend? This workshop is suitable for all levels from seasoned resilience professionals to those looking to expand their skills within the field.   

  • Crisis, Emergency, Security or BC Teams  
  • Preparedness Professionals Looking to Expand Their Exercise Skills and Knowledge  
  • All Levels of Preparedness  

Attend this workshop and these are the resources you get: 

  • A Mini Exercise Scenario Design Kit  
  • Exercise Design Templates 
  • 25% Discount on mini exercises for one full year via our sister organization PreparedEx 


  • Yes, you get to take the scenarios home with you!  


Robert Burton
Managing Director

Rob is a Principal at The International Crisis Management Conference and PreparedEx where he manages a team of crisis preparedness professionals and has over 30 years of experience preparing for and responding to crises. Part of his leadership role includes assisting clients in designing, implementing and evaluating crisis, emergency, security and business continuity management programs. Rob has facilitated hundreds of training courses and simulation exercises throughout his military and civilian careers. During his career Rob has worked for the US State Department’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program, as a crisis management consultant in Pakistan and Afghanistan where he negotiated with the UN and Pashtun tribal warlords and he served with the United Kingdom Special Forces where he operated internationally under hazardous covert and confidential conditions. Rob was also part of a disciplined and prestigious unit The Grenadier Guards where he served Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the Royal Palaces in London. Rob was a highly trained and experienced infantryman serving in Desert Storm and commanded covert operational teams and was a sniper. Rob has keynoted disaster recovery conferences and participated in live debates on FOX News regarding complex security requirements and terrorism. Rob has a Queen’s Commendation for Bravery.