Crisis Resilience in a Changing World — Navigating Uncertainty and Thriving Beyond Adversity

Newport, Rhode Island  –  The International Crisis Management Conference (ICMC), the Center of Excellence for Crisis Management Professionals, today announced that its Annual Conference will be held on June 5-6, 2024 at the Windham Newport Hotel in Newport, RI. This 9th annual conference will focus on how organizations can be better prepared to both foresee and respond to the increasingly dangerous threats that are evolving faster than ever before.

Day 1 of the conference will feature presentations from some of the world’s top crisis management experts. They represent a wide range of backgrounds and experiences in a variety of sectors including cyber security, military, industry, science and engineering, environmental tech, supply chain management and aerospace.

Day 2 provides two training courses: the ever popular “Principles of Crisis Management” and a new course, “Using Intelligence to Better Manage a Crisis,” each designed to enhance crisis managers’ skills over a four-hour session with a networking lunch in between.

Rob Burton, Co-Founder and Managing Director of ICMC, said, “The potential crises that organizations face today are unprecedented because of the speed at which they are changing. Today’s crises include more sophisticated cyberattacks, politically driven crises in a time of intensified partisanship, and an increased potential for climate-related natural disasters. Organizations have to be better prepared, and our outstanding lineup of conference speakers and trainers will provide invaluable insights and tools that will enable attendees to improve their organization’s preparedness.”

About ICMC. The International Crisis Management Conference (ICMC) was created to help support the demand for regionalized education and training for preparedness professionals. The demand for a variety of preparedness skills is at an all-time high, and ICMC provides a range of professional speakers and certifying training courses.

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