We would like to welcome OnSolve, as a Platinum Sponsor of ICMC 2020 & 2021!


Critical information when and where people need it.

When a crisis threatens the safety of your employees and disrupts your business, you need the fastest, most accurate way to gather data, notify people and set your response team in motion. The OnSolve Critical Event Management platform empowers you to respond to potentially harmful events using AI-powered risk intelligence, as well as market-leading critical communications and incident management capabilities.

OnSolve was formed as two emergency and mass notification solution experts consolidated into one unified company.
Combined, their award-winning solutions and exceptional client support services have earned a reputation for quality
and excellence that few can rival. Their corporate mission and positioning as a trusted advisor in the industry, as well as
their leading solution platforms, continue to reflect the unique heritage of OnSolve.


OnSolve’s Mission Statement:

To empower the delivery of critical and emergency communications designed to improve outcomes, with speed and confidence. To revolutionize the critical communications industry, helping keep people informed and safe. To provide the most advanced and reliable critical communications solutions, keeping people informed and safe.