Antonio Bellorin, Regional Head of Security LATAM, at Reckitt Benckiser, presented “Lessons learned from 2017 Mexico’s earthquake and the Caribbean hurricanes season impact on business,” at the Virtual Conference 2018.

During the discussion, he spoke about his experience with Mexico’s earthquake and lessons learned in regard to disaster response and business continuity.

He shared his steps for an earthquake resilient business. The number 1 step he suggested was to identify potential hazards. He said that one should begin by surveying the area and looking for hazards both internal to the organization and external to the facility.

Antonio’s steps for an earthquake resilient business:

1.) Identify potential hazards

2.) Create a disaster plan

3.) Prepare disaster supplies kits

4.) Identify potential weaknesses

5.) Protect yourself and employees

6.) After the earthquake, check for injuries and damage

Check out the short clip from Antonio Bellorin’s presentation:

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