“There’s really only 3 types of businesses that are out there today. The businesses that have been hacked, the businesses that will be hacked and the businesses being hacked right now.”

Luke Bencie, Managing Director at SMI, presented, “The Future of Economic Espionage: Preparing for the Worst,” at the Virtual Conference 2017. During his discussion, he spoke about intellectual property theft, how easy it is for business competitors, foreign intelligent services or hackers to disrupt operations and how to best prepare to protect your company.

With financial services data breaches increasing 937% since 2015, having a preparedness plan for protecting intellectual property is imperative. Bencie provided insight into sample methods used to steal data such as USB, smartphones and various software.  He explained that while technology today is incredible and ever-evolving, the biggest threat for businesses is still the human factor. People are your greatest vulnerability. Bencie said, “It’s still the number one way that secrets are moved from your company to another company…” He added that, “There’s a reason they say espionage is the world’s second oldest profession because it will always be that way no matter how great the technology is.”

Check out the short clip from Luke Bencie’s presentation:




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