We are proud to announce that Pete T. Gaynor CEM, Former FEMA Administrator, Crisis Leader, Senior Vice President and Director of National Resilience, Response and Recovery Programs at GEI Consultants Inc., will again deliver the opening remarks of the 8th Annual International Crisis Management Conference in Newport, RI.

Pete is an accomplished executive with over 14 years of leadership in Emergency Management & Homeland Security at every level of government. Results orientated, decisive leader with proven success in creating vision, implementing strategy, gaining momentum, and enriching culture in complex organizations. Outcome focused achiever skilled in leading the development, coordination, and implementation of enterprise strategy to improve programs, policies, deliverables, and apply best practices for optimal organizational effectiveness. Consistently delivered mission-critical results at the National-level during historic natural disasters, economic hardship and global pandemic. Extensive experience in managing a diverse, multi-generational workforce.

Pete understands that every disaster is unique, and requires the ability of leaders to adapt to the challenge at hand at a moment’s notice. In today’s demanding environment leaders must be ready for the unthinkable.

We were lucky to have Peter speak at our 2021 virtual conference where he discussed the immense power and critical partnerships of American businesses during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“Over the past ten years or so, disasters have become more frequent, more intense, more destructive, more expensive, and more complicated. In our role as crisis professionals, it’s become critical and necessary that we adapt to this new paradigm to ensure we are fully prepared for the next unthinkable event.”

Peter Gaynor

Join us on day-one, June 6, 2023, to see Peter and the other nine expert speakers at ICMC 2023.