Boston Marathon Bombing Lessons for Incident Response and Business Continuity

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Presented By:

John Petrozzelli

In 2013 John was a day shift intelligence supervisor during the Boston Marathon Bombing manhunt and led the computer forensic review of all subjects’ digital media. During the Marathon Bombing investigation and subsequent trial, John led the post processing analytical review of the Tsarnaev family’s digital media. He wrote the initial digital analysis used in support of the Tsarnaev trial. He led the review of more than 33,000 emails, 120,000 photos, and 12,000 videos for the purposes of criminal discovery and trial preparation. He wrote over 50 reports, which, were used in testimony to support Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s eventual conviction. In 2016 he earned a Master of Science in Information Security from Boston University and became FBI Boston’s Chief Security Officer.​

He is now the Director of Cyber Security at Magna5 (formerly TCG Network Services), a Managed Services Provider, which has been providing IT support and Cybersecurity services to over 300 companies in Massachusetts.


John will discuss preparation for incident response, crisis response during incident, and post incident response through the lens of his experience and an FBI analyst and investigator during the Boston Marathon Bombing. He will discuss steps a company can take to prepare for incidents, respond from them, and adapt for the future. He will then discuss business continuity preparation for companies impacted by loss of employees, facilities, or public infrastructure using lessons learned from impacts to employees and companies during the bombings.  





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